The Garden Within - A Journey to Wholeness

Thursday, June 2, 2011

God's Perspective

Jesus reality is from heaven to earth, start your prayers from heaven and bring them to earth! Jesus brought this kingdom reality to earth. So what does this mean? You go to the Father and you get His perspective on life, ask what He is doing, what He thinks?  Do you talk to God that way?  If you talk with Him, and learn of His Word, your mind will become consistent with what God thinks.  I asked God after hearing this "pray from heaven to earth", what that looked like, what that meant, to start my prayers from there and bring them to here.  I learned it is all about an eternal perspective, to get God's perspective.  So of course I had to look up this word perspective:) so that I would know how to take heaven, God's perspective, to the natural.  To grasp that "on earth as it is in heaven". God's perspective~ point of view. (How He sees it). View~ (heavenly) observation, (His) interpretation-explanation or to explain the meaning of .He can explain the meaning of things happening,  (His) opinion. The field of vision. A view from a tower (He is our High Tower-Proverbs 18:10, Psalm 61:3). A way of seeing something from a particular position or angle.  An aim, intention. Expectation.

One of the meanings of perspective was intention, so I asked: "God, what is your intention in this" ? Intention~a plan of action ( what is Your plan of action Lord?), design.  An aim that guides action. (He wants to guide our actions), intent, purpose, goal, end, aim, objective- these nouns refer to what one hopes to achieve or attain. (He has a purpose in mind, a goal, an end) End~ ultimate attainment viewed from long range. (He knows our end, WE WIN in Him). Aim~ the direction ones efforts take in pursuit of the end, (or ultimate attainment).  Objective~refers to on end or goal with the implication that it can be reached! So ask Him: "God, what do you hope to achieve or attain in this? He will show us His heavenly, eternal perspective for what we are going through, or what we are praying for. Lets ask for His eyes, His point of view. This involves spending time with Him.

The secret place is imperative!  Spending time with the lover of our souls is imperative (necessary, absolutely essential and of major significance)!!! Only with God are perfect wisdom and might, He alone has true counsel and understanding (Job 12:13) We must go before Him to hear His heart, to get His perspective, to get His point of view, to get His interpretation (explanation, to explain the meaning of), to get his field of vision.  To get His point of view~ (this was actually in dictionary too as three words) it meant~ the position for which something is observed or considered, standpoint.  Ones manner of viewing things, or attitude.

He loves us so much and if we go to Him and get his perspective, I believe it will change the way we pray and act and react. Let's begin to pray from HEAVEN TO EARTH!

In His amazing love~Emma