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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Polluted soil??

Ephesians 4:29 says: Let no foul words, that is...let no ugly, unattractive, offensive or dishonoring words come out of your mouth. In the amplified bible it then says, or polluting language~ The first definition of polluting said, the contamination of soil, so things wont grow! If soil is contaminated, things wont grow, and we can contaminate the soil of our hearts by our words, by what we say. Even self talk can contaminate the soil of our heart. For example: "I am so fat", "I am so stupid", "I always drop things", that list can go on and on sometimes right? The word foul means~ to clog or obstruct. Foul, negative language can clog the flow of God in our lives! It also means to entangle, like a weed, it kills life. Self talk effects who you are! So we need to speak what God says over and to us:) Back to the word polluting~ the contamination of soil, water or atmosphere by the discharge of harmful substances (or words), and to make unfit for or harmful to living things especially by the addition of waste matter. Harmful to the things that are living in us already, and harmful to others who may hear us. Our word to ourselves or to others can change the atmosphere for the better, or for the worse. Our words either bring life, or death to the hearers. Proverbs 18:21. *Plant the soil of your mind and heart full of good thoughts, and words and the crops it yields will be plentiful! (From "The Garden Within" syllabus, copyright 2010)

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